Watch 90 minutes of Spain vs. Morocco in 90 seconds.

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90 in 90: Spain vs. Morocco | 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Highlights

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FOX Soccer

Were you surprised by the outcome of this match-up?

hicham Hamid

Group b.
1 fifa
2 nike
3 iran
4 morocco

Shame on you NAZIFIFA

Ben coleman

I think this group result should of been 5 Morocco 4 for Iran 3 for portugal and 2 for Spain.
VAR was used to cheat in favor of Portugal and Spain.


Great job cutting the exciting clips of the players scoring so you have time for the boring interview with the terrible interpreter.

Daniel Maluenda

Spain smells fishy… against Iran, Irans goal was called offsides and it was clearly good. And now the last minute goal seemed offsides…. ref+Spain??

Mahdi Hesari

congrats from iran Morocco your team played really well at all of games and really desereved to go to next level . a great team with bad luck

bash abdi

fake FIFA…..

ben sholdice

terrible editing – spain's second goal at 1:25 in the clip shows none of the build up.

big daddy 09

Niceeeeee match. All the love for Morocco

jhonny charles



One of the best things I've read. FIFA didn't want Spain to face Uruguay. They wanted to give Spain the easier match against Russia. Smh and give Ronaldo the harder game cause they also want to protect their golden child Messi.


Never seen so many favored calls for one team in my life. FIFA were desperate to keep Spain in and give them a easy round of 16 game smh

Paco Ortiz

Great game


Let's be clear here.
FIFA consciously and systematically eliminated Morocco from this world cup.
The Spain's last goal is NOT A GOAL. It is not valid because:
1) The ball was out / offside to start with.
2) Even IF it was a corner, spain played it from the wrong corner.
3) VAT was used to prove that the goal was legit but NOT to verify the obvious fact that the ball was out.

So far, it looks like using VAT was selective and only when it favored European teams.
This is not right. I hope the spanish team is enjoying the fake tie.

CODMW3play1 YT

Isco is the best midfielder!!!!!

abdelali elamrabti

Morocco vs spain and fifa mafia

Abdirisaq Ahmed

Soccer is now like NBA 🤬🤬


Morocco played against Spain, the referee and the corrupted FIFA/VAR .


MAR and IR played amazingly well, I did not expect that going into this world cup. Was rooting for the underdogs against two of the big teams.

Laura Cortez Salazar

FIFA stole another match as usual ¬¬

Mohamed Alshoukri

The second goal for Spain shouldn't be counted it was offside, but the referee gave it to them since that is what the FIFA wanted, they don't want Spain to get out from the group stages. So much corruption

Quick Hatch

Own clubs first, that's why I say these major countries struggle dont want to release to much info for rival opponents

Lucky Luke

Favoritism do play in WC. Morroco was robbed of the win.

LitttBenji Gaming

Espana esta es mas bien

Cameron Peterson

The goal was clearly offside but because it was "SPAIN" they accept the goal.
i dont know who is behind the scine and making all this unfair decisions but for sure IRAN was the one suppose to move to the round of 16th not Spain.
cheating in the world cup stage should not be forgiven and they have to check the video again and eliminate spain from the world cup and put back iran to the round of 16th.
fifa is corrupted as all other organization around the world.
shame on you shame shame shame.

Titima Sisi

That's is not a corner the ball is out