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I’m your Bayern fan TV on YouTube, MiaSanMiaTV. Everything about Bayern, and Bundesliga in general.

Videos about Bayern related news, discussions, fan reactions, post match reactions, match previews and the occasional tactical analysis.

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Born in Munich, grew up in Munich. Bayern has been my team since I first started playing football myself. Grew up with Der Titan as my hero and only cared for Bayern until the 2006 world cup, when I realised that international football was fun too. I’ve been in the UK since 2007 and besides the poor weather, it isn’t too bad.

“I value consistency over top level performance, which is why Philipp Lahm will always be greater than Zidane for me” -MiaSanMiaTV

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Ashwarya Ashiya

Please remove this fucker Ribery's picture from the video background and put someone's else's there

Ashwarya Ashiya

Can we get this Ribery kicked out of our beloved club now. He has not scored a champions league goal for last 3 years. He is just eating up fan's money in form of high wages as he pleases that tax fraud Uli Hoeness who just wants to waste fan's money on outdated players like Robben and Ribery. Robben as usual will not available in later stages of champions league like last 3-4 semi finals. Facts and Statistics hurt more than age you shitty club management. Stop favouratism. Douglas Costa was slightly better than Ribery as Ribery can't dribble past… Read more »


We're starting to sound like arsenal 😂 He is so depressed… "It's a point… It's a point." And now we don't even know if we can win the league convincingly.

The Turnover

Love your shirt bro 😂 and yeah bayern will lose against BvB. I have almost the feeling that they are not even able to improve their game

Johannes Pihl

You acting wierd bro


I blame Bernat for this!

Scheiss Egal

Ah who are we kidding, Bayern is trash

IF Lewy

As much as I love Bayern…. can't say we won't get spanked against Dortmund

T 21199

Every shot on goal vs Neuer ends in goal lol he’s got 50% save percentage in the league. That’s beyond unacceptable.


🤣🤣🤣🤣 this video was epic

manuel lopez


The Clueless Football Fan

Love the shirt, G. ❤


sorry but for the next game i will support BVB to win and destroy us so every bayern board mambers will wake the f…. up

Kyle Dimetri

I'm glad we are getting showed up. This team needs changes. Hope Dortmund solidifies it for us to get better players. I still can't believe we let Douglas Costa go

Kaiser Drin 72

Honestly Uli and Rummenigge how did u even plan this season? I mean my expectations weren’t high as well however I expect to dominate the league and win the pokal. The coach is just not the right choice… and I remember the last few games of the last season we struggled! No energy or creativity the lack of creativity is what kills us.


Terrible no cohesion no communication. Gnabbry scoring will give him a confidence boost which us good as you pointed out. Almost like the Ausburg match.