Arsenal V Everton | Match Preview



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Presenters : Peter McPartland & Barry Cass
Video Editing : Jake McGibbon
Graphics By @JoeDoesDesigns

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paul Stewart

What has an IQ of 144= a gross of Everton fans hahahaha. You let Big Sam, the best English manager in the premier league, know his he was no longer required, 2 months before end of last season while in 8th place. How crazy is that. You are in 12th place as a result and I expect you to be in 14th place within the next 4 games. the only reason it not lower is because other teams are worse. You stupid people.

ARC strider

We've played the crap side of the table and only have what 9 or so points. Arsenal 5-0 Everton. I expect a 4 game slide starting with this game, then everyone will come to their senses and realize we've hired the wrong manager. This club is the is laughing stock of the premier league.


This is my least favourite fixture in the season. We fall apart even worse than when we play Liverpool, in my opinion. We don't seem to have any answers against these and I think we're 2-3 players off being able to give these a game. That being said, we do make chances in games and if we can take some of them, we might be able to battle something out of this. I hope we can because the record against Arsenal could do with looking less one sided.

Richard Bourne

I love how these pair take turns sending each other 2 sleep.


Richarlison HAS to play through the middle with Tosun just off him.. Walcott & Bernard/Lookman On wings.. Sigurdsson & Schneiderlin just behind front two, Ghana playing Defensive midfield with help from Scheiderlin playing ONLY the simple ball, no wonder passes.

Digne,Meena, Zouma/Keene, Holgate.. across back

Calvert Lewin
Tom Davies
Jon Jo
Anyone else

Martin Armstrong

4-3 win for the blues .. defence is shite at the minute , our attack is more promising so just score more than we let in 👍😂. I'd play Richarlison up front with Walcott and Bernard on either wings and hit them with pace. If Mina is fit enough then play him. Just give Arsenal a run for their money. We have to go to places like this and get in their faces rather than sit back. COYB


If ever there was a game for Silva to experiment in it's this one, there's nothing to lose. I would play Holgate instead of Kenny, with Baines on the left, Digne on the left wing and Richarlison in the center. Even if Mina plays he won't be up to speed so can't expect a lot from him either. Bernard may add some spark though, and if he can link with Richarlison we could score. I won't be playing the blame game if we are heavily defeated, it's early days and too many injuries and new signings still to play. As… Read more »

Paul Rasmussen

I wanna see Walcott Richarlson Bernard in attack with Walcott Richarlson swapping over keeping the opposition confused I think this would be our best attack with cenk coming on for last 20min with lewin and lookman give the 3 a rest if we're winning cos those starting 3 could walk in most teams exept Walcott but still good player

Ashley Penney

Gonna recieve a wallopin


Good to see ya both back lads, been away for birthday shenanigans myself, won't bang on about the shit birthday weekend at Westham game albeit fucked it up having a certain Yarmolenko etc etc. Our bogey team are here once again, i had Everton3-1 Westham on me birthday nailed on. So after coming back to England a day ago i'll take a draw. Put Digne and my boy Bernard cameo we were so shit i fucked off my mates bet. I'll keep this one short lads, put Richarlison aka Ricki up top , and Bernard and Walcott either side. i… Read more »

Jon snow 5478

Go follow everton_daily19 on Instagram!

jonathan sparks

Liverpool is gonna be 12 points clear of everton six games in hahaha geeeez

Damian Pratt

Where is the donation link for this 'jump off a mountain'? Caught mention of it at the end but can't see it in the video links.

Steve Fitzhenry

What we need is a Dogs of War approach. Get in their faces. Knock them off their stride. In other words be aggressive. Arsenal are a bunch of pretty boys. Get stuck in and they will have second thoughts.

ian clarke

Bernard richarlison Walcott front 3 and hope mina starts but the mid is a big concern ..hurry up gomes lad

George West

Stats say the gooners will win my hope says 22 =1 coyb;s


We've spent millions on our defence and we are left with "filling in" 👌

Mango 4ttwo

Richarlison will be back, right?

paul smith

I reckon most of us will have turned over by half time but you never know.
Zouma seems to be getting no review from last week and he was absolute shite.
We passed Arsenal off the park when Deulofeu scored and still didnt win.
I dont see Mina starting this game.
You reckon Davies could play RB? No way.

Gagsy Bluenose

Kenny is not Prem quality sorry t say

Lee Riding

Always a pleasure to watch your videos. Thanks for doing what you do. Let's not panic or get depressed after Sunday if we get beat. It's very early days.

Damian Pratt

Aubameyang and Ozil going to score. It's whether we can convert chances. Cenk, Richarlison, Theo need to be clinincal. 2-2

Tyler Burden

Our record at Arsenal is so poor, it’s like starting each season with 37 games instead of 38.

Mikey b

2-2 I think put in a good counter attacking game


Arsenal fan here, shitting myself because our defence is shit but we have game winners up front, result really could be anything, predicting a 2-1 win but a draw wouldn't shock me.

thomas clare

the stats are grim to listen to but,we have to come good one day by the law of averages,why not this weekend?

Steve Efc

Why are Lpoo fans obsessed with the Blues, making comments on our utube channels – do you think they are jealous because we are the Peoples Club .. COYB's


watching Everton makes you want to go jump off a mountain….

Ee Mobile

If he plays dcl on the wing we've got no chance play bernard no10 or left richarlison up front so he can run at defenders or get behind them cos with tosun up front defenders know how to defend against him richarlison unpredictability means they won't know what he gonna do play walcot on right actually I'll put lookman on left bernard 10 and Walcott right richarlison up top and siggi deeper alongside gana as a quarterback we will have some attack there ive got a little feeling for tomorrow

Callum EFC1878

After all those statistics I can’t wait for a convincing 3-0 away win

Jacob Frost

Tosun on the bench, and if the game is still tight towards the end he's a great option to have

Eternal Peace

Yet more Evertonians saying Until Coleman gets back?? Seamus is finished. Like all players who get Thier legs obliterated they never come back from it.
I don't want Coleman back he should of told Rep Ireland to fuck off the other week.. leave me out untill I am fit for my club he should of Said

Steven Parle

Will we ever win against arsenal?

jim prother

Really good analysis of the game.. Great.

Tony Meyaart

Might as well go for broke.

Chris Panteli

Arsenal 3 Everton 1 Lacazette Aubameyang and Ramsey. Sigurdsson for the toffees


But Marco Silva's record there I good. Olympiacos 3-2, 2-1 etc

AssassinationClazzroom KoroSensei

If you're going to read from onefootball at least mention it

Annika Garside

No way is Holgate a RB! He proved this last season. Bains still our best LB. Dien will improve and take over. DCL is a CF not a wide player to be used as a defacto CF becoming 442 formation. He even pulled out of a tackle last week. Bench at best. Why not three CH`s? Brian G

Tyler Obrien

We ship goals like columbia ship cocaine


I like dlc when he can play, but what was Marco thinking putting him on the left, luckily digne was up there otherwise we would of lost even more!