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  • Adam was a Blackpool great. I like Blackpool. I won the title with them on Kenny Dalglish's football manager game.

  • Aye my hips don't lie but I can score from the halfway line!

  • I hope he comes back to Pool as player manager.. oh, and oyston fucks off

  • thanks for the vid mate

  • What an asshole. 

  • Agreed, this is a classic example of a talented player being more EFFECTIVE with a different set of players that play a different type of style. Ironically, I think he would have fit in well with former Liverpool squads that played a similar style of football.

  • This is why he should of stayed dosent play as well. At liverpool

  • Blackpool legend. Hope LFC stick with him and find a way to bring the best out of him. Gerrard seems to be hampering Charlie's natural playing style. Total class act. This montage is all NON Premier League stuff, but he did this in the Prem for Blackpool also – proving he has the quality. Blackpool's best player since Emlyn Hughes and Alan Ball.

  • Bloody brilliant video mate, brings back some great memories – what a player Charlie was for the 'Pool. (top tune as well from 'back in the day'!)