Everton 1 (3) – (4) 1 Southampton | The Final Word


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Presenters : Peter McPartland & Barry Cass
Video Editing : Jake McGibbon
Graphics By @JoeDoesDesigns

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David Sullivan

It may sound petty but something I didn't like was they way Silva was dressed. He's normally smartly turned out in suit & tie looking professional on match day. Last night, just as he was versus Rotherham, he was wearing a tracksuit and hoodie. This wouldn't be an issue for me if this was how he usually turned up on the touchline but changing his routine like this just sends a signal that he wasn't taking the game seriously

John Kedward

Imagine if Ped was the manager, there wouldn't be enough left to make a first 11, the rest would be out the door with a torrent of abuse.

Luciana Guevara

To be fair the one big mistake was playing sket in goal otherwise we win. He doesnt need the experience and Pickford doesn't need a rest so what is the point.

Iris Baker

Poor ped and baz you sound so down..I know it's unbelievable how Everton are playing I still think that none of the players know what their roll or positions are and they are a sixes and sevens.. I've never seen an Everton team so disjointed..to me there's no enthusiasm no go in them and when they don't show that how can you get the crowd the supporters to get on board..I feel for the supporters.. I've been a Everton fan for decades followed them everywhere..but I can only follow them from Australia..but it still hurts to watch them as they… Read more »



Hilton Aquatics

I certainly wasn’t silent last night and the people round me weren’t either. The manager and players were just shite

cameron speak

I agree with what baz is saying in this video

Oscar Duke

Ped bemoans the manager for making changes. Then goes and says this :
"I would have dropped tosun for clavert lewin and saved tosun for leicester".


I felt it was more a case of Silva showing his inexperience as a PL manager by underestimating Southampton (which he shouldn't have done as they ran us close earlier in the season), and by making too many changes to a team which was at long last beginning to show signs of becoming cohesive. I know there's more to managing than tactics and team selection but that's what counts on match day and I hope he is on the steep learning curve. Don't get me wrong, I like Silva and what he is attempting to achieve with us, and I'm… Read more »

Ee Mobile

Were not in Europe we ain't got shit load of games dont give a fuck what we want this is totally on the manager end of.

Mike W

Can hear every word from the other studio.

Lee Jacko

Please get cable ties for the back of the telly doing my head in 😀

tamkiss brown

You 2 dont get it over RESERVE GOALIES. 16 premier teams in this round of the cup 15 play their back up keeper including such gems as Caballero Chelsea,Boric Bournemouth,Mignolet Lpool,West Ham Adrian.What makes Everton any different? Then you go on about we make 7 changes but
Southampton make 6,hope you noticed Wolves no changes whatsoever in premier suddenly make 9 and Lpool v Chelsea 10 and 9 changes. This is the MICKEY MOUSE CUP and no premier team take it seriously until they get to the semis

Ernzz 11

Obviously the Everton way hasn’t been working for a long time now.
If Evertonians want a change, maybe they need to first have a look themselves & start creating a atmosphere where they become the 12th man every home game. Watching the Fulham game last weekend on T.V. you would of thought Everton was playing away & losing…..Yes maybe it’s easier said than done, but as a whole, the attitudes have to change. Especially if we want to be a successful top 4 team in the EPL.

Craig Kimber

I don’t think the club is arsed about the cups, all they’ve talked about is champions league. There’s a big disconnect between the club and the fans they need to be abit more transparent IMO. Fans are frustrated by a lack of trophies and the fact most fans know we aren’t making the Champions League this season. As a fan I wanted a decent cup run this season because I know we’re finishing 10-7 in the league

Rich Charlison

Davies reminds me of a slightly shitter Jordan Henderson

rattus griff

the problem for you boys is you have put yourselves into a corner. Flags is Kopite behaviour, always was and always will be , you cant go there , so what can you do to move into the modern football culture? its a problem isnt it boys

Patrick Furlong

Ped's view that the championship benefits no player is bizarre. Vardy, Les Ferdinand, Kevin Phillips, Bolasie, Feeney and Harry Kane just to name a few who either came up through leagues or spent significant time on loan in lower leagues and developed as a result.

TheSyrian ReFu-G

Loving how serious Baz looked when he gave the wild statement “Stekleenburg can play goalkeeper” 😂

robin james

i saw us winning the league and the fa cup i am 59

robin james

the manager is poor its shocking how can you be paid so much and not understand the basics of putting a team together none of my children have ever seen us win anything oldest 21.

Paul 123

Ped is flat-out wrong about loaning someone to the Championship. Going on loan to Blackpool was the making of Seamus Coleman. Kane became the striker we know him as a result of the lessons and toughening up he experienced at Millwall, Norwich and Leicester. Pickford likewise. Terry for Chelsea, went to Nottingham Forest early in his career when he wasn't ready to quite step up yet. Kyle Walker went to QPR and Sheffield Utd and played over 40 odd games. There's countless examples of this throughout the league over the years. Sorry mate but Baz is spot on here and… Read more »

David Hallwood

Got to agree with Baz about DCL. It improved Kane & Beckham, because he's not learning his craft especially given the fact that he's consistently played out wide.

Paul Morris

A big opportunity missed to progress in a Cup competition. Southampton were there for the taking and we fucked it up.

Barrie Hellon-Warwick

Baz is bang on about Calvert-Lewin. You can add Seamus Coleman to the list of people who went out on loan and came back a better player. Everton will get a centre forward in January and I can see either Niasse going or DCL going on loan.

Barrie Hellon-Warwick

I bloody hate the Z cars theme, starts off in a way that you would walk across no man's land to, ends like frickin George Formby. Should have given Motorhead a bash at it….
We're delirious why would Vlasic want to come back to our embarrassment of a club when he's playing in the cl against the Madrids of the world and scoring in big matches? Would you if you were him.

Steve Parkes

Bro-dependant 😉

Runcorn Blue

To be honest, if we seriously have ambitions to finish in the top 6 then Calvert Lewin is not good enough and neither is Tom Davies.

james wright

you two talk about stec,as if pickford is brilliant,neither of them command the 6 yard area,both are static keepers ,both flap at crosses ect ect,the team was garbage what was kenny doing in that game? especially when southampton scored,and this thing about kids starting these so called kids are the same age as other players who are scoring and assisting far more than these everton youngsters


Dowell should have been loaned back out and lookman hasn't done enough to warrant a start.