Adrian Healey, Alejandro Moreno, Steve Nicol and Craig Burley of ESPN FC break down the Liverpool vs Napoli match in UEFA Champions League, which the Serie A side won 1-0 thanks to a 90th-minute goal from Lorenzo Insigne. The crew discuss what it means for LFC manager Jurgen Klopp, as well as struggling striker Mohamed Salah.

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Delighted Craig Burley pointed out that Spurs should of gotten the draw with Son been awarded the penalty.

cava 1919

im a napoli fan..liverpool is a great team..u cant play at 101% every single match..napoli played a solid game and tactically right.
not many strikers can scores goals when marked by an in-form koulibali.he is a rock! i wouldnt blame salah..these people in the tv show are ridiculous

Good Good

Loserpool lost because Napoli is better


Why Liverpool lose? Cause Napoli kicked their ASS!!! hahah FORZA NAPOLI SEMPRE

Simon Gunner

Italian teams better than English teams at the moment

Marc Turner

Liverpool had an off day , it happens they will learn from this and carry on . The front three have not been fireing yet but time will bring them back together to find the net more often , no need to panic we will get through this groupe and at home i think this is were we will be very very hard to beat . Y N W A 96

carol gruber

So, So, So, do you liverpool fans still think Salah is better than Neymar. People are so funny.

Sub Killer

Ronaldo has brought his work ethic to Serie A. Now every team in serie A has gotten ronaldo's chi


When Keita left and Henderson in i knew they'd lose. Shaq should of went in. Hopefully he's played Sunday.

Safian Mohamed

we talk about salah as if was the only worst player in the team ,liverpool as whole was not good


So let me get this straight they lose a game to Napoli at all of a sudden now they should have dropped points to Tottenham? Wasn't it just last week that they should have beat Chelsea and how Chelsea we're lucky to get to draw even though we LED for majority of the game and it took a Wonder strike by substitution I guess you guys were still too high on Liverpool and now that they've lost now its cool to go crazy with the criticism


This for whoever said series a is easy

Gavla Tennis

Klopp needs a strong No.2 or DoF/David Dein type to tell it to him straight as he's too stubborn for his own good stickin to tactics that don't work. His in game manangement and inability to change things is a weak area of his management.

Yih Herng Hew

Liverpool aren’t interested in this game. They’re still gonna qualify anyways so it’s no big deal. This week’s match vs City is more important. Win that and this means nothing.

Adenikinju Deji

I feel there is something wrong with Salah hasn't played well since the first game

Luis Baltazar

lol…lose one game! Drama Queen´s! It´s all bad…sack Kloop

john smith

English teams have a arrogant attitude to teams from Italy they think they can just walk in & roll them over
Napoli are a decent champion league side


I thought Liverpool won 5-0?


Hahahaha loserpool

D Dill

Kloop thinks his team is too good. Genuinely thought he would play Napoli off the park I think which is why he played that way the entire game.

Joe Allen

Have to agree with the guys. Liverpool needed to kill the game in the final 10 minutes. We were getting a bit overrun. Everybody could see that we needed to go defensive, especially when Napoli had the ball. A nil-nil draw would have been a fantastic result. We were never going to get a win at the end of the game. Game management has to be better. Especially away in Europe.

Willy Ata

They lost because the goal was offside, the weather, the pitch, the referee, the luck, this is according to Klopp of course!@

sayed khodary

Salah needs to play with (Sturridge and Shakiri) instead of (Mane and Fermino)
because there is no cooperation between Salah, Mane and Fermino like( last season)
and each one of them wants to score( the first) .
And Salah was the player of (all seasons ) in Roma not one seasons like in Liverpool?????!!!!!!!

McLovin Jr

We just played really badly. Didn’t ever look comfortable in possession as we normally do. Midfield was weak, attack was tame, and Allison made up for our defensive errors to keep the scoreline respectable

Nannu Nanu

U can say what u whant about Liverpool but they are humans and humans lose some time 🙂

Ynwa Sagar

Slow start but lfc will win champions League …..

red squirrel

Spot on Steve, klopp is sometimes tactically naive .

Kevin Pineda

Now Liverpool feel how we feel lose one game. ITS THE END OF THE WORLD instant hate

Fawaz Zawaf

When juvents defeat nepoli.. There is ronaldo…
So don't compare Salah with Ronaldo..
It's same like We Compare a Diamond with gold


Salah one season wonder.

Anthony joseph

you guys need to stop talk shit

Rahul Sharma

Liverpool lost because the front 3 were tired. Terrible game play by very talented front 3. What were they doing.
And if it visible that Salah is not in form than why not replace him.
Really guys, it was Napoli and secondly it was our Alisson who saved an embarrassing defeat. Otherwise if it was PSG it would have been easily 5-0. Look what they did to the other team (6-1).

Kevin Mannix

They tried to manage the game without too much effort, waiting for city at the weekend, they almost got away with it, But if Liverpool don t turn up at home to city, then i will be concerned about are we good enough,

Mohammed Gangat

Klopp is feeling the pressure shame 😁😁😁