Mbappe was impressive during Manchester United 0-2 PSG Paris Saint-Germain, fancams recorded with Reds after the game COMMENT YOUR VIEW!

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Mbappe was impressive during Manchester United 0-2 PSG Paris Saint-Germain, fancams recorded with Reds after the game COMMENT YOUR VIEW!

Ben baller did the chain

the line up should have been 4-2-3-1martial lingard rashford and Lukaku up front , Pogba playing a little deeper. we knew marqinhos was gonna man mark him all day, we should have gotten lingard in that position and keep making runs to tire him out and in the 2nd half switch formations to a 4-3-3 again to confuse them.


Psg is now able to kill anyone.
It is also vaccinated from remontadas. Psg history with quatar is short but so crazy.
To me in the 4th best team on paper.

Suleiman Kadir

We need a RB, CB, LB, one genuine RM/RW & that’s it then we’ll compete – maybe one more CM…

Cedric Thouenon

Stop said ref was paid by psg when young try to kill di Maria you was happy of the ref fucking bitch psg fucked you

Viraj Parmar

How can people be positive about that game? I’m sorry but we didn’t compete at all, created no chances, 0 shots on goal, it was so so so poor

Valéria _29

Jesus christ, that british accent is burning my ears

Kevin Christie

K.mBappe the best…..martial and pogba

All France players,so don't compare them

Individually k.mbappe rank 1

leon zandbergen

Psg is going to demolish us in the second round we have the infectious injury plauge and another final blow is pogba is not playing in the 2nd champions league leg neither is martial or linguard or Juan Mata or Alexis Sanchez and Ander Herrera now this looks like psg is now won the 2nd leg technicaally we have no attack and rashford is left isolated pereria can't play as a makeshift winger we need to put on a great and hardest working performance to beat psg in the 2nd leg our defence looks ok however most of our midfield… Read more »

Tam Mutu

Absolutely ridiculous comment by the second guy. How about change the tactics???? You can’t press with those players so play possession football. Put mata central and switch to wing backs. Pack the midfield and then you don’t LOSE! It’s European football not premier league. It’s a different tempo. You cannot always play pressing high tempo. You have to be able to adapt. We have 2 Brazilian midfielders not playing. Change the style. We lost because we didn’t switch when we lost plan A. And that is a fact. You have to be able to adapt. The system was wrong. And… Read more »

Joshua Tree

I'm sick of Young

David Thomas

You watch OGS show no mercy towards Sanchez an lukaku this summer !

Amna Aziz

I agree with Ryan I couldn't put it better myself absolutely spot on Cheers

Marks Red devil

We are down 2-0 that’s okay we are Manchester United we fight back. Don’t lose hope mates. Still 90 minutes to play.

Foadjemal Hassen

They lost Neymar and Cavani but still their front three was better than ours

Jemeel Rhodes GGMU

I think the issue was as soon as Martial and Lingard left the pitch we lost the press from the top of the pitch which allowed PSG to dictate the play from the deep lying midfield position. Once they could do that, they exposed our weaknesses (not Ole’s fault) at full back. Luke Shaw still isn’t playing well enough and Young was pathetic again. Young hoofs it anywhere when he has a little pressure on him, Di Maria just dropped in the space behind him constantly and going forward he’s terrible. When two important players are forced off injured and… Read more »


Yes i agree…he's so scarry with his skill, running beat his opponent easily…its better to lose coz we don't hv the quality…the Man U players gv too much respect to psg…i hope 2nd leg psg will use their reserves…our players still cannot play big matches…they should learn to play like psg…then only you got the hope to challenge epl top 3…mata, lingard, rashford, sanchez, lukaku, young…all are Shit.I really don't understand why people praised rashford too much…he's not a clinical player at all…everytime panic n like to rush don't know for what…look how mbappe play, cool, intelligent, skill n never… Read more »

Digonto Zahid

Mckola dont put martial or rashford in the same sentence as mbappe…..stop overhyping our young players and bring unfair expectations …..mbappe is the heir to ronaldo and messi ….i love martial and rashford but they arent close to mbappe …..


Wan bisaaka has best one on one stats. Like Ashley Cole vs Ronaldo

william marsh

Haha great result