First of all, welcome back. How does it feel to be back?
"Wow, thanks, first of all it feels like I'm coming home, I have to say. It's been a few whirlwind days, of course, very hectic, but just great to see everyone again."

You're obviously the caretaker manager for the rest of the season. Do you feel that you can make your mark in that time?
"Well, it's six months and I'm going to enjoy the ride, I'm back home if you like and it's about seeing the players, seeing the staff, it's about of course just being myself. I know that the club is now running the process to find the next manager, so I'm just going to be myself in the meantime with Mick [Phelan], Kieran [McKenna] and Michael [Carrick] and the rest of the staff. We'll just get the players enjoying football and I'm looking forward to seeing the supporters again."

You're arriving at what is an incredibly hectic time, with four games in the space of 11 days. Does this give you really the perfect opportunity to throw yourself into the role and get to know all of the players?
"Yes, you certainly get to see the players in a game and a pressure situation, but I think just the amount of games coming up is no problem because you've got this squad - an amazing squad of players - we've got 23-24 players. They are all quality and they'll all get a chance now with the amount of games coming up. They've got a chance to show they are Man United players."

I guess you know some of players already, but is it a case of getting to know them pretty quickly?
"Yes, of course. We're in a results business and we want to win games, of course. That's our job, that's mine, Mick's and the staff's job to help the players do. We just want to see them play the football that they can do."

With so many games in such a short space of time, does it give you any chance to scout the opposition or is that going to be the job of the likes of Michael Carrick, Kieran McKenna and the analysts at the club?
"We've got a great set-up at the club with all of the analysts here. When I came in this morning [Thursday], they were watching Cardiff. Of course, I watch the Premier League, I've seen all of the teams so I've got a little bit of a view on them but it's not about the opposition - it's about us, it's about Man United, it's about our players knowing what they can do. We want to see them express themselves, so my main focus of course will be on us and how we want the team to play and then we'll give them one or two details about the opposition."

Was this a period that you used to enjoy playing in, when you've got all of these games every couple of days over the festive period?
"Playing games is the best time of your life and the more games you get, the better it is! For me as a manager now, it's great because you have to rotate so you'll get to see many players and they'll get the chance. Everyone in the squad knows 'I've got a chance now' because whatever has happened has happened, now it's just about from here. Everyone starts with a clean slate and we want players to perform and [we will] give them the chance."

So it's a blank piece of paper for everybody, I guess?
"Well, you've got to start somewhere. Of course, you look at a couple of the performances - I've seen the last few games - but you look at the team, you pick the team now and you move on. They'll all get chances."

Obviously your first game in charge is this weekend away from home but on Boxing Day you'll be at Old Trafford. How excited are you about the prospect of leading Manchester United out at Old Trafford, where you are loved?
"Yeah, how long will that last?! [laughs]. You know, as a player, I gave everything I had and now walking out, leading the team, just being part of this team - because that's what I am, I'm part of a huge team. We're playing for the supporters, we're playing for our pride, we're playing for the club's history but, to be honest, it's going to be very, very special, I have to say. I'm good at controlling the emotions so I won't be that emotional but, when I came back with Cardiff a few years ago in 2014 - Juan's debut, by the way - it was a strange, strange feeling. One of the most surreal feelings I've had, being on the other side. Now I'm on the right side and I can't wait for it."

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