The non-stop Russia coverage continues, even though less than 1% of the nation cares.

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god is woman

Nobody cares about Russia 😊 nobody wants ww3 with Russia .

You Know

Seriously though, Russia did appear and does appear to be hacking machines and rolls (See Reality Winner). The fact that no one seems to care about that over the DNC leak indicates to me that our current legislators are more interested in a civil war (if 2018 elections are compromised) or a world war as compared to a peaceful and necessary revolution.

San L

This should be pasted to Occupy Democrats. They adore Rachel madcow.


4 more years is better than Hilary …. You say it like trump isn't the greatest jobs president

adriano lehman

regardless the topic i am not sure i trust any poll! why? no one i know and certainly not myself have ever received a call to respond to any of these polls…so who are they calling? 100 year old baby boomers with landlines and they do not represent the pulse of the nation. they barely present a pulse at all.

Rich Smith

But Muh Russia!


The Democratic party is as strong as Jimmys backbone lmao

Michael Hayes

whats wrong with his surpreme court picks? I have read some good (left leaning) reviews,,,especially on Kavenaugh

Michael Hayes

His approval rate with be even higher after tax returns next year….just wait

Frank Genner

UFOs are going to take us to another planet Jimmy

Nikhilesh Surve

Republicans used to be the Russia haters & now the democrats & the media since 2016 are even bigger Russia haters.
7:16 Tucker Carlson had him on.

John Kesich

Sad that so many Americans think we have a strong economy. Jimmy, get real. Clinton did beat Trump just like both Gore and Kerry beat Bush. Americans do not vote for the wing of the duopoly which comes right out and says their going to "trickle down" on you, they vote for the crooks who say they're on your side, like Obama. Clinton – despite being the 2nd worst candidate in my memory got millions more votes than Trump. Election fraud in WI, MI & PA was how the establishment foisted Trump on us. Instaed of wasting time telling us… Read more »

Naimul Haq

Jimmy you are right, the dems faithfully endorse the evangelical attitude of the reps. In effect you are in the position today (which you describe graphically), because of the Zionist controlled media. You are fed intelligence from the Israelis. Rather than fighting the Muslims and Russia, you should fight the Zionists, if you like to survive an alliance of Russia, China, EU, ME while US and Israel will play the axis of evil.
Alexandria Cortez had the guts to protest illegal occupation of Palestine on FOX's face.


stop the phony fight between the dems. and reps. how are we going to stop wars if were always worried about each others race sex etc etc? we need to unite and stop our gov. from going into more wars stop the baby behavior..


Youre a Russia Apologist /s

Roy Strickland

Putin slaughters sharia diahria infected mooslims💥💀💀💀
He is a friend of the United States🇺🇸


Without playing up foreign threat how could US increase defence spending? I think that is the more important point.

Nick Beach

No body get's it, it's locked in what we do has no affect on them what so ever. They watch us squable and carry on.

Alex Delarge

Seth Rich leaked the Clinton-Podesta emails. Seth Rich was murdered. Ask Assange.


imagine what the media would say if trump meets with a russian billionaire who has publicly stated "not one day goes by where i don't think of russia" as he does with sheldon adelson!

Greg Rush

They want war.


Thank you for all the dots you guys connect! I disagree in only one key area…. that the fight between the elites (trump, hillary, bushes, obama, intelligence agencies, etc) is real. I don'T believe it is real. I believe it is a stage show/a fake fight put on for the masses with the main objective being divide & conquer, fear mongering social engineering to keep us misinformed and at odds/divided from the "other" side (our neighbors) and also keep us as intert as possible supporting & defending the very same corporate agenda & war no matter which "side" we're on.… Read more »


That little whining rude snot Acosta of CNN is probably giving Trump a point every time he throws a fit.

Car Lover

You said it Mr Jimmi Dor, the people who we should fear are the ones who rule us, they are the ones whos banning free speech, and putting us in jail for telling the truth, even thresthen us for watching RT , people should wake up, and see the truth, that sheman gender woman needs to be flushed in her Zionist toilet, Trump made a mistake in not shutting down those channels,

Car Lover

Did America wanted Noddy and turn around head Clinton to rule them ?. Also she's very ill, why don't she enjoy her wealth and go for a long due holiday, that woman was evil, and killed any one in her way,

Michelle Valerino

I will say it again . Trump will literally have to thank the Media and Democrats for his 2020 victory. This is nothing but a $#!^ show . Here is an idea how about we just get a candidate the follows the Constitution aka the laws of the United States

Joe Fohr

You are like everyone else in the MSM. Bye

joe blow

And all you guys are partly responsible for voting the democrats into power over and over again then bitch about conservatives we are on to you guys and your silly shit I hope one day your brain will start to function again and you can think for yourself the left is your enemy too but keep on supporting them ! Yes how’s that working out ?

Kailem K

That moment Liberals realise their politicians will be outed as pedos… 😕

Vincent Morrison

oh Jimmy thank you so much for restoring my belief in the American people; there are a shipload of Good decent folk in good olé USA; what is most important in life it is the people the people the people!!!


Alex Jones had Bill Binney on you stupid Commies.


Don't trust the Epoch Times. It is a newspaper funded by the anti-China Falun Gong movement whom is supported by CIA affiliated organizations like Freedom House and NED.


There sure is a LOT of paranoia, partisanship, and an over all feeling of helplessness in the comments here. We pick our sides and try to sort through the shit that disappoints us on our side to keep the faith. In the end though most of us know we are pretty helpless to do much. Every election seems to be two, three, or four steps this way and then two, three, four steps the other way. If Trump gets part of a wall built, the Democrats or Progressives will surely have it torn down. Democrats are for open borders to… Read more »


You just gained a subscriber for the sense you're talking

Fosko 74

RT is Russian propaganda.


Sadly most of the 1% are TYT viewers.


It's odd that the intel agencies work against the president instead of for him. Who exactly is running the place?


ALL countries and peoples screw with each other at a petty level all the time . We are screwing with Russia and everybody else right now. BUT when Hillary lost suddenly Russia and only Russia became an issue. Somebody should have stuck a dirty sock in her and Podesta's mouth. Because up until that time nobody said anything about Russian hacking. Even Obama said their was NO Russian hacking of the election. Until after Hillary lost, suddenly he said their was Russians all over and under your mattress.