Former Team Europe Ryder Cup captain Paul McGinley tells Joe Molloy and Nathan Murphy about his thoughts on the 2018 Ryder Cup as Europe won convincingly against the USA at Le Golf National

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Lawrence Westby

It's very simple. The Americans couldn't hit the ball straight, a necessity on that course, and the Europeans continued their excellent putting.


What's in his hand when he says the fulcrum comes from there? Is there something really small that's the secret to winning the Ryder Cup? Or is it little figures like in Night at the museum? Maybe it's a really small bronze age village like they have down in Wexford where the paths got really muddy on account of all the rain? Hard to tell from this angle.

prince_of_golf prince_of_golf

Im an american and i am sooooo glad their talking about are unity and team play. A blind man could see we werent united and into the match. We dont look at the Rydercup the same as the Europeans its just a fact. We care about the majors more than the RC. They said it out their own mouth.

Nic Bing

McGinley…you are unable to react to 2018 Ryder cup win by Europe  .. why not  ? because your too busy relating to yourself  and those you played with ..jealous McG .

colin glen

I watched the usa team speaking to the press and at one point and Jordan speith seemed to be rather disrespectful to tiger woods. I didn't like to see that.

Itee Tee978

Europe team were always a safe bet being in Europe. US team had some chance but let’s be honest the course was tough considering they don’t play there much and the Europe boys play a lot in US. No fault of anybody but it’s just facts. US did well considering but I do think the parings could have been different.

Chris Downing

What a great interview. Knowledgeable, insightful, entertaining. And the young guys in charge – exactly how the BBC should be doing it instead of Thiers dad's army style of golf from the 60s and 70s. Much as I love Peter Alice's commentary – a lot of what he brings is just not part of what 20-40 year olds experience or want from their golf.

This interview is a brilliant template the BBC should learn

Paul Goodier

we set our courses up they set their course up… equals out


Phil is not a top US player at the moment. Great guy but should never have been a pick. All the players were on the SAME course so the course is the course. Europe played better.


Paul McGinley excellent break down. Thanks for the interview and video.

Ad Heeman

Finally an intelligent analyses, thank you Paul!

Azlan Sharom

Interesting remark about golfers not shouting FORE so that the crowds ‘stop’ the ball. Think I heard that somewhere else too. If so, most unfortunate given the escalating events from that lady who had her eye pop from Koepka’s stray shot. And it sounded from her complaint that there wasn’t a shout of fore. But surely even if the player who took the shot chooses to remain silent, the others would call out? I know in my rounds that is often the case… well, ok — we don’t have millions on the line!


Nice ham and egging with the mikes