Dan Thomas, Alejandro Moreno, Craig Burley and Gab Marcotti of ESPN FC react to Barcelona vs Leganes and Real Madrid vs Sevilla, which Leganes won 2-1 and Sevilla won 3-0, respectively. The crew takes a look at what it means for Lionel Messi & Co. as well as Julen Lopetegui’s side, and how it affects the La Liga landscape, particularly with Atletico Madrid.

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Mikhdad Cv

Barcelona is improving


Other teams are stepping up. Look at the way Sevilla and Leganes played! Great for the league!

Mike tapia Bailon

It’s ONE game!!!!

Bran Gall

More like whats right with leganès..

Souvanik Majhi

Real Madrid should at least buy a good striker than a goalkeeper.

Isaac Otshudi

Liverpool lost the same day too

Little Biits

Barca and Real are garbage now. Wouldn't be surprised if they were relegated this season

Hibridxsyco Messivsronaldo

Everyone has a bad day

Jobs mine

You guys got to take an account that those two teams do play for every competition out there right. They play 3 times a week u know.
They do get tired and need rest man.

Pablo Vinicius

Real Madrid will win UCL once again! Still

Brian Lam

Looks like Real Madrid will have no hope to win La Liga this season but then we will see. With Barcelona I was like they've been playing badly from the start and I was like I reckon Leganes can beat Barcelona and what do you know in the end. I say Barcelona are in decline compare to Real Madrid. Real Madrid are like this at moment is because not at peak but surely they will get better in the upcoming days, weeks and months. So I reckon Real Madrid will or won't win the La Liga. It all depends how… Read more »

Saint Aubyn

But I thought Luka Modric was the best player in the world? Shouldn’t he have carried his team to victory? NO BECAUSE CRISTIANO IS THE GOAT AND NO ONE WANTS TO ACCEPT IT

Slavic Soldier

Benzema and Bale play and he wonders why we lost LOL Those two need to go. They`ve been next to useless or even harmful for years not to mention they don`t give two shits about the club. Let the Real Madridista play. A front three with Asensio-Mariano-Isco/Vaskez/Vinicius is way better than this. Let`s hope than after this season we`ll finally see Perez kicking Benzema out like the dog that he is. Enough is enough already! And if that can be met with a James return and a Bale benching this would be great. I was so happy when ZIdane benched… Read more »

francine chiyedziso

I guess the new kits. Besides Madrid was the worst

imanubhav 7

The real reason is because Cr7 and zidane left…which is resulting in this defeat.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Well it’s obvious. No Iniesta and no Luis Enrique for Barça and no Cr7 and no Zidane for RM

Daniel Eboh

They miss Ronaldo

Claude Makelele

Typical ESPN cunts. They lose one game, 1 fucking game and all of a sudden there is a problem.

DrJangoR9 Kazama

End of a era.. Money will rule now.. More than ever

Blackie Chan

Ernesto valverde sucks…..simple

Alexis Vince

Drew their games today
Something is absolutely wrong

Pedro Silva

W/o iniesta and Neymar barça is just not the same and Madrid w/o Ronaldo is ass too


They only lost one game chill
What happened to Man U more like it

Arnold Mojados

Juventus is the best team now in the world

the best noel

Madrid missing Ronaldo but Ronaldo not missing madrid😂😂


People have the misconception that Spain is a two or three team league, a noncompetitive league but the fact is that every season these teams give Real, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid problems. Every season the "big team" have difficult games in which they struggle. People just look at the end of the season and see one of those three teams and think it was as cake walk. While Barcelona only lost one game last season, they were far from convincing and had to come from behind many times and of all teams to beat them was who? Levante! Don't let… Read more »


They couldn't win the league with Ronaldo,they were 17 points behind Barcelona. Now they won't win without him too.

Medha Paranjpe

The La liga teams are getting better and whenever these big teams lose we think something is wrong with these teams it's actually that other teams are getting better

Shane Meehan

Real are Missing Ronaldo
Barca are Missing Iniesta 👍

Willy Nino

It’s just one game omg theyre acting like they lost 5 games

AMi Gozz57

NOTHING go home u bastards

Rockwildaz Family

Both teams at the top of the league, just one game and you guys going off all crazy with dumb ass journalism, smh.

Motrimba Saka

Ronaldo departure makes both the team less competitive