Dan Thomas, Paul Mariner, Steve Nicol and Shaka Hislop of ESPN FC react to the Liverpool vs Napoli match in UEFA Champions League, which the Serie A side won 1-0 and extended Mohamed Salah’s slump to just one goal in the last seven matches.

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Chris Mawhinney

He’s getting into positions to score, he’s ok, just the media

Salah Zayn

He'll be back

Denny Santibanez

Messi and Ronaldo in one table I don’t see anybody else doing what they have done or being in the same table ass them mo salah is over rated like fr just like Neymar

Denny Santibanez

Also Ronaldo’s goal should of been the best of the year or bales! Not mo salah

Carvaan Motivation

Bcoz Illuminati indirectly pressurized Egypt FA to make depressed salah….And whats their motive…To stop salah..Scoring goals….And spreading ISLAM

steve davis

Mane is being selfish passing the ball

Tickle My Pickle

Ramos you did good…..

Very good.

Min ita

a lot of people think that he will be a floppy for quiet some time this time around,,stagnant; but the major problem is,,coming from the tactic, formation is the same but the pattern is not.Not the very same as last season indeed

Bob Marley

What’s wrong ? he’s a one season glory duhhh 😂😂

abu ahmad80

I think its better for MO Salah to change his position to the midfield and become games maker for Liverpool this is important for the team and for him certainly.
This position is missed and Liverpool problem will not get solved unless a good player leads the mid field and I think MO Salah is the best for this job

Os orabi studio

3 goal 2as

Mehroz Ali

Apparently Egyptian FA has been on Salah's case and calling him a "traitor" because he requested better service and security of the national team. The FA started to say he thinks he's way too privileged. That's been hurting him since

Gouda De Mode

If anyone who understand ball at any level will see salah doesnt get balls from his teammates the midfield of lfc is trash they had no idea about making the play and keita klop put him under sadio mane whos selfish player wasting the ball trying to get throw the defenders and firminio whos doesnt peform so will tho . Do u think u can win only with 1 player while ur teammates are selfish and doesnt peform thats impossible . Salah has good performance always presnt in the right position and always gis threatening the defenders but as Isaid… Read more »

Daniel Bonner

Didn’t salah play in the World Cup ?…stop running ahead if yourselves the seasons only just begun fools !

Salam Telefon

l think Salah is just a little tired.He is still one of the best football players.No result can change that.👑#mosalah #liverpoolfc

St. Petersberg

The whole team is way worse than Salah excluding the CBs and gk who are the best players at the moment , Why do you only mention him ?


dudes, just wait…last year he had a slow start, he needs to get the confidence get back…hell do 40 no problem

kenzy talbe

Salah is desperate and i think he needs a little break like a month or two just to clear his mind
It mught be sad for fans but he needs them to become better

Luke Koh

Salah lost all his confidence

Kenneth Stuart

Alot of jealous couch potato hate on here hey. So many experts in one spot, its amazing YNWA 🖕

andrew wyatt

He set the bar to high for himself well in his mind ! He needs a different mindset also recon in his head he's been worried about some of the new players playing better than him ..his egos been damaged

Regan Dyer

Some times when the luminaties can't get your soul the thamper Whit you

Ms vision

I think every PL Season is different and team ambiance and there’s a player competition every player want to score

Black Jack

one season wonder….Fernando Torres ,mo salah,

Satria Aji Imawan

I will say it million times: Sell Salah, buy Pulisic on January 2019 before it is too late..


there’s nothing wrong with salah. he’s….salah. what did u expect messi or ronaldo? lol gtfoh

Omer Ezzet Idriss

He is no things

Keong Lim

salah is just getting a bit lazy compare to last season,nothing else

The Best Mind

liverpool players like mane are selfish and dont help salah to score goals. thats it

Man from the Orient

Salah is great but i am not a fan of his ability to finish off chances. He creates a lot of chances thanks to his amazing pace and great movement but he wastes so many glorious chances. There is only a 5 Point gap between 1st and 7th and only 2 Points between 1st and 5th and i hope it stays like that because i do not want a one or two horse race this Season because it takes Entertainment out of the league, even Arsenal has been solid so far

yousif hamed

I understand he scored 40+ goals last season but Salah skills depend on the his speed only. Some one who runs fast.thats all. And the speed Is easy to control by defenders. Salah hardly keep the ball with him more the 10 seconds and easily losing it. If any defender came closer than 5 yards to him, he is lost.
That's all.
Nothing wrong with Salah. We are wrong in our expectations.

Mahmoud Salah

I see comments so bad
.. how many time Salah make you happy, now you see him bad
Really selfish people like Mane
tell me about Kloop responsibility about the plan
tell me about the other players rules

I am sure if Salah give you the champions league cup and loss his two arms, you will forget him also

loool …You will never walk alone ..lol
with fans like you , Liverpool will always walk alone

Carlos A

He will probably still score 25 goals this season which is still excellent.

Yousafe Abdlslam

Shut up he is. He is just struggling because of the champions league final,the World Cup,the balendoor

Ms vision

Also as fans we expect more every season from players like mo salah agouiero Kane etc

Johny Lian

How come Salah in top 3 over Messi?? I knew last season he have fantastic season but overall he is not over Messi in anything. But know what’s wrong with him?? He is not going to be over Messi clearly and he just had a good season last year that’s all. Messi doing that for over 9 years already. Messi needs to be in top 3 until he retried.

vive chaab lmaghreby


Muhammad Ahsan

Just wait till one of those games where he scores 4 and the you’re gonna see the same pundits talking about him being one of the best players of all time… whack

Ishmam Adnan

Last season Salah played the matches without any pressure.But this season , he knows that people are expecting a lot from him . So he is playing the matches this season with a lot of pressure.
– Guru

Sakar Pradhan

Mo is justing waiting for the City game to get back to his goal scoring ways…..He will Score against City n will continue scoring on a regulary bases on all Compition…Atb Mo….#YNWA

Fisky Tv

Salah is a one season wonder

Devardo Vrede

Shoulder effect is still there

prantik dam

is this because Klopp uses high pressure tactics to win the ball up the field which eventually tires the players

عبدالعزيز عبدالله

Mohammed Salah is one of the fantastic players in the world last year, and he has been struggling with some components that try to stop him succeed. The big problem I think he faces this season is he misses the cooperation in his team. The absence of teamwork of course will affect negatively in his performance. God with you Mohammed never stop or turn around for haters.